What is Love?


            I was recently asked if I knew what love is.  Most younger people would say, “Oh, I love her” or its butterflies in the tummy.  But the truth is love is much much more.  There are different forms of love.

            Like the love of a friend. You are there for them. You care about them. You help them. You support them. Your there when they are depressed or sick and help lift their spirits.

            Then, there is the love of animals. They give you unconditional love. You love them like family. Treat them like family. Feed them, give them treats, and toys. If it’s a dog, take them for walks or car rides.  Train them. Let them sleep with you.  Pet them and show affection.   You treat them like they are your children.

            Love is being kind, understanding, compassionate, and patient.  There is the love of one another. Your other half or better half.  With them, it’s caring, uplifting, encouraging, and showing respect. Doing things, they enjoy that you don’t, and vice versa.  Sticking together no matter what. Whether they are sick or not being able to have a child. Yet, they still chose you.  Never leaving each other and making it work.   Even when mistakes are made.  It’s showing forgiveness because of love. Staying with them whether they are right or wrong.  Just being there for them. Giving them time each day. Showing them that they are worthwhile and valued.  Being patient and listening.  Shutting off your phones and communicating with each other at least a half-hour each day, making the time.  Sometimes even criticism if needed for a good reason, in a loving way.  Love is having a passion for one another.

Wanting to make the other happy. Whether doing things they like, buying them something, or just Showing affection and appreciation.  Except their flaws.  Working together, both spiritually and financially.  Setting goals together.  Dedication, devotion, and helping with each other’s spiritual development.  Love is holding hands, kissing, and opening doors for one another.  Staying with the other person no matter what through the different storms of life.

Whether they hurt you or cheat on you, again forgiveness.  As long as they learn from it and don’t do it again. They learned their lesson and want to change by proving it to you.  Love keeps no records or wrongdoing.  Love does not boast or take pride.  If your spouse becomes crippled and needs to be taken care of.    Being with them even if their parents or family don’t approve of you. You must always work on your relationship. It’s a 100/100 percent deal. Marriage requires that you both give your best to make it work. One person can’t always be the person to bend or change or meet your interest. You must do the same. Love is working things out and talking to each other. Expecting to make it last till your end of days in holy matrimony until death does us part. Which most people now a days don’t seem to understand.

Being one together under God.  Finding the right person who will treat you well, value you and respect you.  Showing you that you are worthwhile to them.  You’re cherished in their eyes. Excepting them for who they are.  That you are their whole world.  Love is not selfish or self-seeking. It helps to have similar beliefs spiritually.  Taking care of them and loving them before yourself.  Sometimes making sacrifices for them.

Take time to find the right person. Do not rush it.  What is meant to be will always find a way. Then you will feel connected in a way that is almost indescribable.   Like your souls are connected and intertwined together.  When you become married, God considers you as one together. You’re a team.

            There is the love of family.  Showing them care and respect.  Being there for them when needed.   Listening and teaching.  Taking care of them when they are sick or elderly.  If they get Alzheimer’s or Dementia and they repeat things over and over, be kind.  Love them for they don’t know what they are doing. Again, love is patient. When they turn into a child again who needs care.   Love is obeying your parents when you are young.  Love is a corrective discipline.  Discipline to make you into a better person and teach you. Do it with love in mind, be gentle.

            There is the love of yourself, not to be selfish though. You need to love and care for others. Love your neighbor as yourself and love yourself as you love others.  You need to value yourself and see yourself as worthwhile. It’s not always what you do, or how big you can become.  For example, like a CEO. You could be a simple farmer.  Do what you do best. Be your best and have passion. God loves you no matter what. Whether you’re a mom at home with the children or the President of the United States. God loves you the same, no different.  Whatever you do give it your best.  Act as though you are working for God.

God is the creator.  He loves you as a father, but even more.  You are his masterpiece.  He created you in the image of Jesus.  God sent his only son to be crucified so that you can be set free. Jesus died on the cross and followed his father’s orders for the love of all of us.  He sacrificed himself to save you! You are important. You are loved. He is always with you.  He knows your name. Be still and know he is God. Make sure to take the time to listen to God.

            Then love one another including your enemies.  It will set you free.  Forgiveness to others no matter what they have done to you. So, you don’t carry anger, frustration, or hurt.  Let God carry your burdens.  He wants to.  God sees you as beautiful. He will forgive you if you ask for it and repent.  He gives you second chances. God will never forsake you. You are His child.  He values you.

            Love is so many things.  Money can disappear.  Things you own can be gone. Brand name clothes will change and lose their value. There is always the next style.  Phones and the internet can be lost. You can lose your home and other valuables.  They won’t keep you happy. Love is the greatest gift on Earth that you can have, so cherish it.  Give it what it deserves, nurture it.  Know the value.  Feed it and water it like a garden. Once you find it, make sure you keep it and always work on it. Change if you need to.  It is the one thing that remains, love endures.  

            Until you die – Live! Live your life for love, kindness, and compassion.  Cherish every moment.  Every blessing from above.  Tomorrow is never promised.  If you love Jesus and follow Him, eternity is yours forever!  Live like tomorrow is your last day before you see Jesus.

Published by Brenda Tschetter

I love to write inspirational and spiritual pieces that are full of encouragement and engaging. I write about real life events filled with emotion. I want to help and encourage all those who are struggling and in pain, who are suicidal, and fill them with hope. The good news. I love to cook and have a healthy cookbook available as well.

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