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My husband is a diabetic. I had gastric-bypass surgery 3 years ago. This book is a healthier way of cooking for those who are diabetic or have had stomach surgery. Healthier cooking without losing the flavor. I had to learn after my stomach surgery how to cook with less sugar and fat but keep the food tasting worthwhile. I wanted to have something that tasted good and full of flavor. Just less sugar and fats but the same great taste. I found alternatives. Cooking with herbs and spice helps to give you something that tastes great to the pallet and you cannot tell that anything is missing.

Most of the recipes I like to do in my Crock-pot. It’s the easiest form of cooking to me. Put it all in and walk away. All my recipes, I use either granulated sugar or light brown sugar. The amounts are much less. They are substituted with fruit, unsweetened applesauce, or plain yogurt. You do need sugar in some of the recipes but you don’t need as much as most recipes call for. They can still taste just as good and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. I’m all about the flavor!

The same goes for fat. People think fat is necessary for taste. Some fat is necessary but not as much as you think. With the right seasonings, it can make all the difference. You don’t have to change your life to learn to eat healthier. Some of these simple tricks can be all you need.

In this cookbook, I am giving you some ingredient substitutions and food equivalents. So even if you are lactose and intolerant, there are alternatives. One thing I have learned over this past year, if you use fresh instead of dried herbs, you have to use either two or three times as much. Dried herbs are more potent. Any extract takes less than fresh. This is the case with lemons, limes, and orange peel. Extract is ½ the amount of any peel. So if it calls for 1 Teaspoon of peel then it’s ½ Teaspoon of extract. Cooking with fresh products is great but not always ideal or available.

My husband and I also have acid re-flux. I found that cooking with sweet bell peppers causes less irritation as well as green onions instead of onion. For sauces, there is also a sensitive sauce made by Prego that doesn’t cause the reflex. Some ideas for thought. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!

Published by Brenda Tschetter

I love to write inspirational and spiritual pieces that are full of encouragement and engaging. I write about real life events filled with emotion. I want to help and encourage all those who are struggling and in pain, who are suicidal, and fill them with hope. The good news. I love to cook and have a healthy cookbook available as well.

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