God is Better

God is the one who guides my heart. Oh, how I need you. Help me to remain dependent on you. So in need of your grace and mercy. Now I know why you say, “My mercy starts fresh with each day.” Each day , I need your grace and love. Hence, “Your grace is sufficientContinue reading “God is Better”


The Great Adventures Of Princess Bella (Children’s Books)

This book was part of a dream. I never thought about writing Children’s books and didn’t plan on it, but God had other plans for me. I excited to introduce this book. I hope that the kids love it and the adults as well. The book is based on my service dog Bella. In theContinue reading “The Great Adventures Of Princess Bella (Children’s Books)”

The Divine Intervention

This is the very first book I wrote. My writing style has changed a lot since and you can see that in my blog posts. Put it still has a good theme behind it. It’s a beginner story that I finished in 2018. The ending is awesome and inspiring. It’s not a true story butContinue reading “The Divine Intervention”