The Great Adventures Of Princess Bella (Children’s Books)

This book was part of a dream. I never thought about writing Children’s books and didn’t plan on it, but God had other plans for me. I excited to introduce this book. I hope that the kids love it and the adults as well. The book is based on my service dog Bella. In theContinue reading “The Great Adventures Of Princess Bella (Children’s Books)”

The Divine Intervention

This is the very first book I wrote. My writing style has changed a lot since and you can see that in my blog posts. Put it still has a good theme behind it. It’s a beginner story that I finished in 2018. The ending is awesome and inspiring. It’s not a true story butContinue reading “The Divine Intervention”

Cookbook Available

INTRODUCTION – COOKING WITH HERBS & SPICE My husband is a diabetic. I had gastric-bypass surgery 3 years ago. This book is a healthier way of cooking for those who are diabetic or have had stomach surgery. Healthier cooking without losing the flavor. I had to learn after my stomach surgery how to cook withContinue reading “Cookbook Available”

When Dreams Come True

I have had several dreams come true. I’m a vivid dreamer and each of them seems real. It’s like I’m right there living the dream. Some are just dreams and stories but others become a reality. I want to share about one that came true. It has to deal with a loved one who passedContinue reading “When Dreams Come True”

Eyes On The Storm

Where is your focus? Is it on the storm? It’s easy to become distracted. So many things can can draw our attention away from where it should be. The television, especially the news. The stock market plunging. Our financial stability and work life. Our health, are we going to contract this virus? Our thoughts, worries,Continue reading “Eyes On The Storm”

Don’t run! Don’t run!

        My husband DJ, another couple, and I went to Letchworth State Park in Upstate New York.  We decided to take a hike on one of the nature trails that led deep into the woods. Talking and laughing as we walked along; we became distracted.  We kept going until there was no direct path and nothingContinue reading “Don’t run! Don’t run!”


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