Tomboy & Country Girl

            In memory of going frog hunting with my dad down the street (age 7) with my bucket in one hand and his hand in the other.

What happens when you are both?  I absolutely love nature. I would choose the great outdoors anytime rather than shopping on any given day.  A tomboy through and through. One who loves to fish and hunt.  I’m able to love all types of animals from the creepy crawly, to the squirmy, or flying. I’m a tomboy, and love it.

I loved walking down the street with dad, catching all kinds of animals, or running around the creek looking for crawdads. Camping was the best with roasting marshmallows at night around the campfire. Swimming in ponds or lakes.  Those were some of the best times I remember.

As I age, with a little more class and style, the country girl in me is coming out more and more.  Dressing up on occasion, wearing boots, sometimes for no reason at all. I enjoy baking and cooking where I once showed no interest. Writing what I feel and having meaningful conversations.

Growth has brought out a gentler side with more wisdom.  But I’m still that fun loving little tomboy.  I just have more compassion with a loving side which brings understanding. The country girl whose boldness and courageousness still shine through from the inside. I’m filled with a calm, peaceful, and quiet spirit. 

I’m still Brenda Spoly from my childhood mixed with Brenda Tschetter, as my married self.   That tomboy country girl will always exist inside and will never disappear.  They make up the parts of who I am; parts of my heart.

I’m a happy mix of everything God created me to be. My dad’s tomboy and daughter of the King.  I’m me.  I’m unique.  It’s okay to be me and God wouldn’t expect anything less.            

Published by Brenda Tschetter

I love to write inspirational and spiritual pieces that are full of encouragement and engaging. I write about real life events filled with emotion. I want to help and encourage all those who are struggling and in pain, who are suicidal, and fill them with hope. The good news. I love to cook and have a healthy cookbook available as well.

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