Lord, I’m ready now

Thank you for helping me see the light of your endless love.  I went ashtray and you chased after me, bringing me back to you.  You extend mercy and grace to me that I don’t deserve.  More than I could imagine.  You are teaching me to remain in the light and walk by Faith.  Drowning all my fears and anxieties.  Filling me with a calming effect of peace so I can rest.  You called me out of the darkness.  You are light and I dwell in you and you in me.  My love is found in you.

                My sins are washed away in Jesus’ blood not in part but as a whole.  My past is non-existent and just a memory.  Yesterday is dead and gone.  Tomorrow doesn’t exist.  What matters is this moment.  You are here with me.  I live in this moment with you.  It’s a new day with your mercies and I’m made new.  You are changing my heart to love more like you.  To be merciful like my Father.  Each day is a chance to be better than I was yesterday.

                You diminish my fears.  I feel bold and courageous in your hands.  You will never abandon me.  You walk with me.  I walk humbly with you.  I will do your will, follow your decrees and law.  Studying and learning your word and putting them into practice with positive reinforcement of the lessons.  I keep my focus on you for you are my Shepherd, my leader.  You shelter me. 

I cloth myself in the Armor of God.  What should I fear? Nothing…  I lack nothing when I am with you.  You show me I am wanted.  I pray without ceasing.  I run to you in times of trouble.  You hear me and help me.  I’m not defenseless.  You help me accomplish the impossible.  You bring me through safely.  You make a way when I cannot see.  You, Lord, take care of my every need.  I trust in you and count on your mighty power.  You are able. You are everywhere I go and I am not alone. You make me stronger.

                You reign from Heaven above in power, wisdom, and love.  You sit on your throne and you are in control.  I have no worries with you.  All I have to do is pray and you fight for me.  You are for me.  You are closer to me than the breath I take.  No fear of death or life.  Either way, you are with me.  You have angels watching over me.  You are always victorious and you know when I come and go.  

                I watch your glory unfold before my eyes.  All your beauty and majesty.  I am truly amazed by you and what you do.  Impressed by a God who is omniscient and Sovereign.  I’m consciously dependent on you.  I’m safe in your hands.  The evil one or no person can remove me from you.  My name is engraved in your palm and the book of life. 

                Mighty and powerful is your name, Jesus my Savior.  Come and ready me, Lord, for your return is coming soon.  More and more are hearing of your word, the gospel of Jesus, around the world.  You are faithful to your word and promises.  I sing your praise.  Every eye will see your glory.  You are all that I want, have your way with me. 

                In my darkest days and my deepest pain, I will choose to worship you.  They do not compare to the hope and joy that is coming. I know I am loved and I will glorify your name.  You hold me through every storm.  I believe even when I cannot see for you have done well for me.  I don’t give up; I give in to you and what you plan for your glory. 

Time is running out and I want to make this count.  Lord, I’m ready now.  I am yours always and forever.  You are my God.  Your Holy Spirit lives in me. I dwell in your sanctuary.  I am part of the Father’s house.

                May your Kingdom come.  Come, Lord Jesus, come… I’m ready now.

Published by Brenda Tschetter

I love to write inspirational and spiritual pieces that are full of encouragement and engaging. I write about real life events filled with emotion. I want to help and encourage all those who are struggling and in pain, who are suicidal, and fill them with hope. The good news. I love to cook and have a healthy cookbook available as well.

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